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Sam's Final Polish Wax Kit w/ Random Orbital Foam Pad

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Sam's Final Polish Wax Kit w/ Random Orbital Foam Pad

Final Polish

  • Creates a Crystal Clear Finish
  • Removes Light Swirl Marks
  • Clear Coat Safe

Sam’s Final Polish is an ultra fine polish
designed to remove light swirls and produce
exceptional depth, gloss and clarity on light or
dark colored painted or clear-coated surfaces.
Best results are achieved using a Dual Action or
Circular Polisher.


Shake well before use and be sure surface is
clean, dry and free of contaminants. Bonded contaminants
should first be removed using a clay bar. Do not use in direct
sunlight on or surfaces hot to the touch. When using a
dual-action polisher, apply three dime size amounts to a foam
or microfiber hook and loop pad per each 12" x 12" area. Run
DA on #6 setting using slow back and forth, up and down
motions until polish turns clear. When using with a high speed
circular polisher, equip machine with a foam or wool finishing
pad. Apply 4 dime size amount to pad. Set RPMs at 1500 and
use a slow back and forth motion until polish turns clear.
Remove residue using a clean, dry microfiber towel.

For optimum results, follow by using Sam’s Paint Protection for a
long lasting shine and protection.

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