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Sam's Interior Cleaner Kit w/ Micro Towel

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Sam's Interior Cleaner Kit w/ Micro Towel


  • 16oz interior cleaner
  • Micro Applicator Towel


  • No-Rinse cleaner that’s safe and effective on all interior finishes. Includes leather,vinyl, fabric, carpet, plastic and wood.
  • Will not remove the natural sheen of any fine finish.
  • Leaves a fresh, clean scent and dries in minutes.
  • Antibacterial Barrier against Viruses & Germs.

Sam’s Interior Cleaner gently cleans all interior surfaces
without harmful effects, while creating an active Antibacterial
barrier against viruses and germs. Until now, it was necessary to
use various cleaners to shampoo cloth, leather, vinyl and plastic.
Interior Cleaner uses unique cleaning technology, not harsh
detergents, to loosen and dissolve all manner of soil so that it can
be safely wiped away. Your vehicle’s interior emerges clean,
fresh and ready for protection.

Instructions: For best results, spray a light mist of on the surface
to be cleaned. Work in small areas at a time, to prevent product
from drying and avoid contact with glass. The rich and safe
cleaning formula will soften soil so it can be gently wiped away
with a clean microfiber detailing towel. On cloth, spray light mist
directly on the fabric and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.
Stubborn stains may require agitation with a soft brush.
Rinsing with water is not necessary.

On Carpet: First remove all loose dirt by vacuuming. Spray light mist on soiled area. Using a soft brush, scrub in a back and forth motion and wipe dry using
a dry microfiber towel.


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