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Sam's Light Polish Kit w/ Orbital Pad

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Sam's Light Polish Kit w/ Orbital Pad

  • Creates a Crystal Clear Finish
  • Removes 2000 Grit Sand Marks
  • Clear Coat Safe
  • Made in the USA


  • 12 oz Light Polish 
  • Sam's Orbital Pad

Sam’s Light Polish is a polish designed to
remove 2000 grit sand marks and produces
exceptional depth, gloss and clarity on light or
dark colored painted or clear-coated surfaces.
Best results are achieved using a Dual Action or
Circular Polisher.

DIRECTIONS: Shake well before using. Make sure
surface is dry, clean and free of contaminates.
Optimum performance is achieved by using a dual
action polisher and a foam pad. Apply two dime
size amounts to the pad or surface to be polished.
Start machine using setting number 5 and apply
medium pressure while using a back and forth
then up and down motion to assure all area is
covered and polish becomes clear. This
diminishing abrasive formula breaks down rapidly,
so work in a two by two foot area at a time for best

For optimum results, follow by using
Sam’s Paint Protection for a long lasting shine
and protection.

CAUTION: Protect from extreme heat and freezing.

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