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Spray Wax 16oz w/ Microfiber Towel

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Sam's Spray Wax w/ Ceramic 16oz: Includes Sam's hand picked Microfiber Towel for cleaning

Sam's Spray Wax with Ceramic is formulated using Polycharger Acrylic Polymers to create a super slick hydrophobic protective shield. Protects from harsh UV damaging rays and environmental damaging elements such as road contaminates, bugs and bird droppings while also reducing water spotting. Contains no petroleum distillates and no abrasive powders so its safe for all rubber or plastic moldings and trim. Works well on all painted surfaces, chrome, trim moldings and glass.

-Boosted with Polycharger Acrylic Polymer

-Creates a slick hydrophobic shield

-Spray on, Wipe Off Formula

-Reduces Water Spotting

-Made in the USA



Shake well before using. Spray a light mist on a two by two foot area at a time. Spread evenly with a clean dry microfiber towel. Flip and continue to wipe until all residue is gone.

Warning: Protect from extreme heat and freezing.

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